PRESS RELEASE | LDD and Acteon companies collaborate with OWF

LDD, an Acteon company, has successfully collaborated with Acteon sister companies UTEC and MENCK to deliver a total foundation solution, including a new build subsea Pre-Piling Template (PPT), to Offshore WindForce WIK (OWF).

OWF is a joint venture between Boskalis and Volker Stevin International, and is contracted by Iberdrola Renewables Offshore Deutschland GmbH to transport and install 70 turbine foundations at the Wikinger offshore windfarm in the German sector of the Baltic Sea.

LDD’s PPT is being used to pre-install foundation piles into the seabed, prior to the placement and grouting of the four-legged jacket foundation structures by means of the Boskalis vessel named Giant 7. The contract is based on a collaborative approach, and utilises the strengths and experience of the project team from OWF and LDD to meet the challenging schedule and installation tolerance requirements on the project.

Using an innovative procurement strategy, LDD has produced the detailed design of the template structure, which has been manufactured by Volker Staal en Funderingen B.V. (an affiliated company of Volker Stevin International) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. LDD was responsible for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the hydraulic, survey and control systems onto the PPT. The survey system was designed and supplied to LDD by Acteon sister company, UTEC.

A computer-controlled subsea hydraulic system will automatically level the PPT on the seabed and allow operators to adjust pile position and verticality to within the required +/-50 mm and 0.5 degree installation tolerances. The metrology system installed on the PPT includes real-time survey data on the PPT position and orientation, plus pile location, verticality and depth monitoring.

Rob van Gemert, Project Director, Offshore WindForce, said, “We are pleased to have selected the Acteon group of companies for the total pre-piling package. The combination of LDD, MENCK and UTEC certainly has its benefits, both operationally and commercially. The PPT and its components are well on track and they will be tested to the extreme on the Wikinger project.”

OWF has also contracted Acteon sister company MENCK GmbH to provide a service package including the supply of two MHU1200S hydraulic hammers to drive the jacket piles to depth. In order to achieve the German noise emissions standards and connecting with the commitments of the parties with environmental issues, both OWF, LDD and MENCK worked together to develop noise mitigation solutions to incorporate into the PPT and hammer deployment systems. The PPT is fitted with a ‘Small Bubble Curtain’ system that can be activated at each pile guide sleeve, whilst the piling hammer and pile are deployed within a HydroSound Damper (HSD) system. An OWF deployed ‘Double Big Bubble Curtain’ surrounds the entire template, providing three means of mitigating the effects of noise during piling operations.

Mark Richards, senior contracts manager, LDD, said, “LDD’s collaboration with OWF and other Acteon companies has proved to be highly productive. The project team has a wide range of engineering, marine piling and operational strength and together we have delivered a first class pre-piling solution on this challenging and exciting project. It has been an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the value we can bring to offshore wind foundation projects through the integrated capabilities of Acteon group companies.”

Both LDD, UTEC and MENCK will provide ongoing operational support to OWF during the offshore campaign, through a single operator’s contract between OWF and LDD. Commissioning and testing of the PPT has been completed and field operations have been commenced at the end of Q1 2016.

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