2016 Projects Update

Despite tough market conditions that we’ve all experienced in 2016, LDD is pleased to have remained busy with projects around the world, and this year has included several notable success stories...

We’ve managed to remain active in all our targeted market segments; Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, LNG & Resource Terminals and Marine Civil Construction and we’ve enjoyed several projects working in close collaboration with our sister companies both within the foundations cluster and as part of the wider Acteon Group.

This working together approach will be an even closer focus during 2017 as we respond to our clients’ needs.

Wikinger Offshore Wind Farm

This year we collaborated with Acteon Sister Companies UTEC and MENCK to deliver a new sub-sea pre-piling template (PPT) to Offshore WindForce for their Wikinger Offshore Wind Farm in the German sector of the Baltic Sea.

The PPT was required for the installation of piles prior to the installation of jackets, and the frame itself included a computer controlled subsea hydraulic system for auto-levelling of the frame and adjustment of the pile position. Positional and verticality tolerances were required to within 50mm and 0.5 degrees.

The project is now complete and we are very proud of our team who have made a success of this project, putting LDD on the map as the go-to provider of subsea templates and subsea piling solutions.

Mina de Cobre

We also completed our second project in Panama. This was a great success and most importantly was our first project alongside dedicated grouting partners, Core Grouting Services. LDD’s work included an integrated drill & grout installation service for jetty foundations for a mine export terminal. We have also signed our second and third projects with Core in the Middle East and in West Africa.

Ruwais LNG

LDD returned to Ruwais this year for a new client in need of a solution for raking piles. The six piles were on the client’s critical path and LDD could respond quickly to prepare equipment and ship it to the project from the UK. The project required 1200mm diameter drilled sockets for 1067mm diameter grouted piles on a 1:4 rake.

Middle East Piling Project

We are currently undertaking a piling project in the Middle East, working with a local contractor for the construction of a port extension. LDD and the local entity were put in touch by the Project’s Client, who recognised LDD’s marine construction capability would be a good match with the local contractor.

The Project involving the installation of 250No. 914mm and 1200mm piles is being conducted from a modular jack-up platform for which we designed a multi-slot, hydraulic piling gate. This gate allows for rapid set-up and accurate verticality control for the piling works.

LDD is providing the complete pile installation service including the management of the jack-up, with support from sister company CIS, who is supplying hydraulic hammers and hammer operators.

Burbo Bank LD5000

In the summer of this year LDD supplied a relief drilling service for Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm. Equipment was prepared at LDD’s HQ in readiness for relief drilling 7m diameter foundations. Whilst the drilling contingency was not required on site, the equipment remains in a state of preparedness for its next project.

Heading into 2017

The lead-up to Christmas has seen another flurry of activity as we ship a drilling and grouting spread to the Middle East and prepare another drilling and grouting spread for a project in West Africa. We are also just mobilising for a project a little closer to home, in Scotland, all of which we’ll keep you updated on as works progress.

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