LD5000 in China

LD5000 arrives in China for its next Mega-Project

The LD5000 Pile Top Drilling Rig has successfully completed its 10,881 nautical mile transit from Cornwall, UK to Guangzhou, China in preparation for its next mega-project. The LD5000 is one of the world’s largest and most powerful offshore reverse circulation pile top drilling rigs, capable of drilling up to 8.0m diameter sockets in the seabed. LDD has teamed up with ZL Offshore, to support the installation of a new offshore wind farm project in the South of China. Our LD5000 drilling rig is fully modular allowing for cost-effective shipping to any location globally. LDD will support ZL Offshore with training and familiarisation of the drilling equipment and its systems. It’s certainly an exciting project for all of us and we look forward to future opportunities in the region.

LDD provides “Complete Foundation Solutions”; minimising project risk and maximising profitability for our clients. Using our extensive in-field know-how, we design, engineer, build and operate world class pile-installation and drilling equipment to deliver tubular foundations of any size, in any geology, anywhere in the world. LDD, with support from our sister companies, provides driving, drilling, grouting, pile & jacket handling, pile monitoring, pile supply and marine support services in challenging marine locations.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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