Anti-Slavery Policy

LDD is committed to combat modern slavery within our own business and within our supply chains.

View our Anti-Slavery Policy here

The new United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “MSA”) is a key part of the United Kingdom’s effort to combat the global issues of forced labour, domestic servitude and human trafficking. The MSA consolidates and develops existing law of the offences of slavery and trafficking. It is possible for corporate entities to be held criminally liable for those offences and whilst no entity of Acteon Group would knowingly engage in these practices, the requirements of the MSA compel organisations to look beyond their own boundaries to understand their worldwide supply chain. The expectation is that organisations will then, where necessary, exert influence to eradicate any use of slave labour.

Acteon Group Limited (“AGL”) has developed its Anti-Slavery Policy to allow its employees to identify and avoid situations where they and AGL could be exposed to situations of forced labour, servitude and human trafficking.

However, this policy also represents good and ethical business practice, because in a free, open and competitive marketplace the quality of AGL’s goods and services will ensure its continued position as an industry leader.