Remote Control HRS

LDD designs, engineers and delivers Hydraulic Release Shackles (HRS) for installation of marine foundations and similar applications. These remote-controlled tools are available as part of a 'larger' installation service or as a single item of equipment for your next project.

The HRS is typically used where unhooking the load is not possible or the associated risks and/or cost of unhooking are too great. The HRS tool can be operated in a variety of ways including:

  • Work-class Remote Operated Vehicle (WROV) valves
  • Hotstab actuation
  • Accumulator quick-release
  • Radio control
  • Hydro acoustic control

This gives you the flexibility of a bespoke HRS without the cost and long lead times.

To discuss your project requirements and our custom-made HRS solutions, please feel free to contact our LDD team for an informal discussion.