Float and Lift

LDD designs, engineers and delivers Pile Lifting Bungs for the lifting and floating of large diameter piles prior to installation. These custom-built tools are available as part of a 'larger' installation service or as a single item of rental equipment for your next project.

LDD provides a complete system for the floating transfer of large diameter piles and lifting systems to enable remote connection to the pile.

Piles are sealed by an upper pinned lifting tool incorporating pneumatic sealing unit and a lower sealing bung for floating transfer. Pneumatic seal pressures may be monitored to ensure pressures are maintained, enabling piles to remain floating alongside a quay wall or on offshore moorings for extended periods with confidence. This facility enables optimisation of the marine spread by reducing the reliance on offshore supply barges and their attendance.


  • Instant seal provided, cap welding not required
  • Can incorporate grout stinger through the sealing bung
  • Fail safe pin mechanism incorporated into its design
  • Can be utilised sub-sea if required
  • Removes welding and burning time
  • Suitable for pressurised annular grouting operations

To discuss your project requirements and our custom-made ‘float & lift solutions’, please feel free to contact our LDD team for an informal discussion.