Cost Effective Lifting

LDD designs, engineers and delivers Pinned Lifting Tools (PLTs). These tools feature a simple, single pinning system for securing to, upending and lifting piles. LDD provides these PLTs as part of our 'larger' foundation installation packages or as discrete equipment rental.

The simple ‘pinning’ solution allows a cost effective and simplified method for pile lifting and handling for most installation scopes. Once the pile is in place the pin is typically removed manually by personnel or WROV, releasing the PLT from the pile and allowing tool recovery.

Remote pin actuation systems can also be provided, powered from surface HPUs, WROV HPUs (hotstab) or pressurised hydraulic accumulator systems (all similar to Hydraulic Release Shackles).

The PLTs are designed to operate both above and below water with operational water depth limited only by WROV depth rating.

To discuss your project requirements and PLT solutions, please contact our LDD team for an informal discussion.