Increased Control

The StabLift is a passive heave compensator lift tool that integrates within the lifting arrangements to minimise point and shock loading during marine lifts both above and below water.

LDD developed the StabLift system to allow safer and more efficient operations with reduced down time. The LDD-designed units are particularly useful for more sensitive marine lifts such as stabbing pile or conductor sections to lift the drilling equipment to/from the piles/conductors.


StabLift units may be supplied up to 750 tonnes with heavier loads accommodated by providing multiple units.


  • Designed to DNV standards
  • Compensator range infinitely adjustable to suit load.
  • Standard stroke length 3.0m. Units up to 6m can be provided.
  • Can be utilised subsea in water depth up to 2000m. WROV tuneable.


  • Minimises shock load on item lifted and crane
  • Reduces slam impact through the splash zone
  • Reacts to hydrodynamic damping and surge.
  • Allows greater control placing or lifting off the seabed.
  • Minimises point load to item whilst placing
  • Minimises hang up load

To discuss your project requirements and find out how our custom-built lifting solutions can help your project, please contact our LDD team for an informal discussion.