Powering success

LDD has developed a range of power packs to suit our pile top reverse circulation drilling rigs:

Range and specification:

LD408 DHU:

  • Engine type: TCD2013 L06 2V
  • Power: 176kW
  • Fuel tank: 350l
  • Pumps: 2*180l/min
  • 1*32l/min
  • 1*22l/min
  • tank: 450l
  • Weight: 2t

LD612 DHU:

  • Engine type: TCD 2015 L06 2V
  • Power: 273kW  5
  • Fuel tank:450l
  • Pumps: 2*210l/min
  • 1*42l/min
  • 1*22l/min
  • tank:450l
  • Weight: 2t

LD5000 EHU:

  • Engine type: LDD
  • Power: 90kW
  • Fuel tank: not applicable
  • Pumps: 5*220l/min
  • @ 250bar
  • tank: 5000l
  • Weight: 16t

The LD5000 is operated using 2no HPU control units and has soft start and PC ethernet control

LDD have developed a range of smaller power packs to accompany our lifting and handling equipment range. Our range consists of:

  • air operated HPP 1-2kW manual lift unit
  • electronically operated 8-24kW portable unit
  • subsea accumulator banks/ HPs