Impact Hammers

As part of our service offering, LDD provides impact hammers through our sister companies CIS and MENCK. By choosing LDD as the sole provider of your marine foundation equipment, this can give you the opportunity to save on time and money related to procurement and management of a number of subcontracts.

Over recent years, LDD has established track-records with our closest sister companies throughout a range of industries. Both MENCK and CIS give us an extensive range of impact hammers to choose from, ensuring we are always able to bring the right tool for your project.

MENCK, our sister company located in Germany, provides a range of hammers typically for the Oil & Gas and Renewables Industry . Their fleet ranges from smaller 100kJ energy hammers to hammers with a whopping 3500kJ imact energy!

CIS, with a range of office and yard locations around the world, provide smaller hammers for conductor installation and nearshore civils projects. CIS has an extensive fleet of S-90 and S-150 hammers, and we have an established track record with their team, having worked closely with them all over the globe.