LDD for design and supply of your next 'PPT'

LDD is providing clients in the offshore renewable energy sector the design, manufacture and operation of well-engineered multi pile subsea guide templates with fully integrated electrical, hydraulic, instrumentation and control systems.

We have been applying our expertise in a range of subsea foundation applications, from the StabFrame mooring pile template, to the delivery of subsea pile guide frames for the installation of pre-installed foundation piles.

Our solutions are designed, manufactured and tested with the aim of delivering the safe and efficient installation of clusters of driven foundation piles to very tight tolerances. This is vital, as the piles are driven in advance of foundation jacket installation and a close fit between the two structures must be achieved. We are keen to work with you to deliver practical, robust, accurate and reliable systems to meet you pre-piling needs. Our systems include:

• Economical space frame design that can be adjusted for different pile diameters and centres.
• Environmental, hydrodynamic and geotechnical stability analyses, including mud mat design.
• Integrated electrical, instrumentation and hydraulic control systems with PLC control and Human Machine Interfaces to ensure accurate control over pile installation and relative position.
• Umbilical launch and recovery winches, subsea HPUs
• Noise mitigation systems (bubble curtain and hydro-sound damper systems)
• Water jetting systems for mud mat suction release.
• Real time level monitoring and automatic frame level adjustment
• Integrated template metrology systems, including pile level, position, inclination and 3D as-built dimensional control surveys
• Field operation and maintenance services

Pre-Piling Templates for your industry

We design, deliver and operate pre-piling template solutions for the following industries: