A versatile drill for a variety of solutions

The LD408 is a reverse circulation pile top drilling rig designed to operate in virtually any soil or rock type. It enables the creation of sockets of up to 1300mm dia. in its standard configuration or up to 2000mm dia. with a cellar deck.

Click here to download our LD408 spec sheet or feel free to contact our team for more information on its capabilities and how it suits your project requirements.

  • 1300 – 2000mm diameter
  • Max drilling diameter 2000mm with cellar deck
  • Max power swivel torque 81kNm
  • Drill speed 0-38rpm variable
  • Max drill string weight 40t
  • Max pull back 60t
  • Thrust limited to 40t
  • Max inclination 18° 1 in 3 rake
  • Weight (inc rigging and gripper) 19t
  • Drill pipe NW200 3m lengths
  • Base flange connection 20 No. 22mm diameter equally spaced on 1500 PCD
  • Typical assembly 2-3 days

The drill is comprised of 4 main sections: Drill gripper, Drill base, Mast and carriage and Power Swivel. The gripper allows connection to the pre-installed pile with sufficient capacity to accommodate the static and dynamic forces the drill rig can generate. It uses compressed air to achieve a secure grip on the pile to prevent movement throughout the drilling process.

The Power Swivel provides the rotation force required to drill the socket to target depth specified by the project. Thrust is provided by the two carriage rams located in the drill mast supporting the carriage.

Down-hole under-reaming can be used to create larger sockets than the standard “fixed” drill bit diameter and sockets can be drilled from vertical to 18° (1:3 rake)

The LD408 can be mobilised anywhere in the world as it is designed to be broken down into component form, loaded into sea freight containers and reassembled upon arrival. Typically re-commissioning takes 2-3 days.

The LD408 is powered by a diesel hydraulic unit connected via a 30m supply umbilical.