XL Shaft Drilling Services

LDD can install marine shafts up to 8.0m in diameter for nuclear, desalination and waste water projects, or other applications, requiring large diameter shafts. Our capability can also be adapted for land based, shaft sinking applications.

Our large diameter drilling capability, developed for XL, marine piled foundations, can be directly applied to your shaft drilling requirements, offshore, nearshore and onshore.

Our equipment, including under-reaming drill bits allows for basic shaft drilling, or for drilled in liner installations. The drilled in technique facilitates the installation of the liner directly behind the drill bit, with the under-reamers creating an oversized hole ahead of the liner. Following installation and accurate set of the liner at the required depth, we will complete the grouting of the liner to the formation.

LDD’s shaft drilling and grouting capability can be supported with installation engineering, temporary works design and lifting and handling solutions to assist with handling of liners, diffuser heads and other components of the installation.

No matter your problem, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with our team who are on-hand to offer friendly advice for your next shaft-drilling project.

Our Equipment for your next shaft project

Take a look at our range of equipment; all available as part of a package offering or on a discrete hire basis for your next XL drilling project.

Our XL Drilling Projects

Our expertise in XL RCD drilling means we are called upon for vertical shaft drilling. Take a look at some of our project examples...