LNG Marine Terminals and Jetties

The installation of foundations for LNG marine terminals and berthing facilities is one of LDD’s core capabilities. We have a proven track record, previously completing successful projects in remote jungle and busy port locations in Latin America.

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We can provide complete pile installation packages involving pile lifting, handling equipment, relief drilling, socketing, driving, drive drill drive and foundation and structural grouting. Our team of experts have decades of experience installing clusters of piles and are market leaders in extra-large (XL) diameter pile installation. The team will integrate with the existing crews’ onsite to provide a seamless service.

LDD can also supply piling templates to assist in the construction of the LNG jetty or terminal, using our in-house design engineering expertise.

Our specialist Drive Drill Drive method can remove the need for grouting when coupled with our under-reaming capability, making the pile installation procedure much more cost effective.

Whatever your requirements we can provide you with the appropriate equipment for your project including hydraulic or vibro hammer solutions, lifting and handling tools and specialist grouting capability, using our professional contacts within the Acteon group.

Foundation Equipment for Resource Terminals

Take a look at our equipment; available as part of a packaged offering or a discrete hire basis for your next resource terminal project.

Our Resource Terminal Projects

Take a look at the following projects where we have provided foundation packages for resource terminal developments.