Secure foundations for wave and tidal

We understand the physical challenge of working in deeper water, in high current and wave locations presented by opportunities in this market. We also understand the bigger challenge of delivering cost effective foundations and moorings, which will be required for future up-scaled developments.

The first challenge is easy. LDD has the knowhow and experience to develop and operate drills and other piling equipment for operation from floating installation vessels or remotely on the seabed. We will work with you to identify and develop the optimum solution for your project.

The second challenge requires investment in new solutions to reduce installation costs down by speeding up installation times and improving operability. Improved operability can be achieved by working during higher wave conditions and peak tidal flow.

If you have a development that would benefit from a collaborative approach to developing the right tool for the job, we would be pleased to assist with reducing your project cost and risks. We look forward to assisting you with taking your development to the next stage.

Equipment for your wave & tidal project

Take a look at our range of equipment; available as part of a packaged offering or on a discrete hire basis for your next project.