Bahrain LNG Import Terminal

Client: Six Construct

Location: Bahrain, Middle east

Bahrain LNG Import Terminal - Drilling & Grouting Operations

Acteon Group companies LDD and CORE Grouting were selected by Six Construct as the Reverse Circulation Drilling (RCD) and pile grouting contractor for the development of the first LNG regasification and import terminal in the Kingdom of Bahrain, sited on Muharraq Island.

The terminal comprises of a double berth jetty for both FSU and LNG carriers and is being constructed to provide the Kingdom with energy security as its growth in demand for natural gas which will be used for power and water generation, industrial uses and enhanced oil recovery increases.

The Acteon companies have a long experience working together on the same sites, with the CORE technicians and LDD drillers having familiarity with each other’s equipment and working patterns. This integrated approach aids our Clients from the contract stage onwards, where a single point of contact with LDD is made for all project services from Acteon, this simplifies tendering, commercial negotiations and contractual dealings.

On site the ethos continues allowing for the Clients Project Management team to deal with a single point of contact in LDD for all the Acteon provided services, reducing the management time required by the Clients team and prevents gaps in continuity between service providers.

Collaborative Working
LDD and CORE have come together on this project to give Six Construct a “One Stop Shop” for their drilling and grouting needs, allowing for a single point of contact for both services.

During the project LDD worked in tandem with the Clients pile hammering operators to install 215 vertical and raking piles with casings ranging from 1,219mm to 1,524mm in diameter and an average length of 30m. For the jacket structure larger 2,170mm diameter vertical piles with a length circa 60m were installed.

Using Our Experience
The offshore site comprised of varying substrates from surface sands progressing through bands of Calcarenite to an underlying bed of Calcisiltite. LDD used more than 10 years of worldwide drilling experience and technical knowledge to tailor the bottom hole assemblies for their RCD pile top drills, the LD2500, LD818 and LD612, maximising the linear advancement speeds whilst drilling.

CORE Grouting assisted the Client with the grout specification and attended site with a team of technicians and a specialist grouting mixing system including storage silos able to hold 92 tonnes of pre-mixed grout. This allowed for the mixing and pumping of grout into the drilled and driven piles with an output rate of up to 25m3/h.

Meeting the Program
The drilling and grouting element of the jetty and regasification jacket installation was completed in July 2018 to our Clients satisfaction in under 14 months with a message of congratulation being received from Six Construct.

LDD’s Project Scope:
•3 x RCD Pile top drill rigs, LD612, LD818 and LD2500
•1 x Grouting plant spread including grout silos
•24 hour / 7 day per week foundation installation crew

“I would like to thank LDD and CORE Grouting for their efforts and key contribution to the completion of 221 piles for the project in under 14 months”

“LDD’s involvement and effort since the tender stage has been appreciated, with LDD’s positive involvement and cooperation throughout the project contributing to a successful completion of the works”

Caetano Lucio
Senior Engineer, Six Construct