ExxonMobil LNG

Client: ExxonMobil

Location: Papua New Guinea

LDD secured a major contract award from the Clough Curtain JV (CCJV) for supply of a specialist integrated piling service with an extensive range of equipment to support the ExxonMobilLNG development at a remote jungle location in Papua New Guinea.

Two wharfs and several bridge crossings were to be constructed deep into the PNG Jungle. LDD’s scope included the supply and operation of all drilling and piling equipment, including: three pile top drill rigs with accompanying compressors and pumps, two S-90 Hydraulic impact hammers (through sister company CIS), PTC vibratory hammers, and extensive spares and repair packages for operation in the extremely remote locations. LDD also provided specialist project management and engineering support during the in-field works.

In preparation for the field works, our team worked closely with CCJV to allow commencement of critical path tooling and preparation. This included the ‘in-house’ design and fabrication of a coring drill rig and large diameter under reaming units. The LDD piling equipment range was manufactured and prepared in the UK and shipped to Singapore for mobilisation on board the construction barge.

A Custom-Made Solution

The extensive piling spread was proven through several piling cycles, quickly adapting to the varying ground conditions and soil/rock horizons encountered across the first Kopi wharf site. LDD’s specialist rock drilling equipment allowed for a Drive Drill Drive (DDD) technique, which was tailored to each pile location as the ground conditions dictated.

To overcome the highly varied and unexpected geology, we also provided a specialist geotechnical investigation core drill for continuous logging. This was first used to sample the ground conditions at the pile location, allowing the piling procedure and equipment to be immediately adapted for efficient pile installation.

Additionally, the LDD large-diameter under-reaming drill units enabled variation on the drilled pile diameter during installation. This, coupled with up to date pile driving information from the CIS S90 data loggers, allowed our piling system to be further evaluated and refined.

Challenges in the Jungle

Amidst the 40 °C heat and high humidity in a remote tropical location, careful and highly skilled marine operations were carried out to conquer the fast flowing Kikori river where currents up to 8 knots and flash floods could be experienced.