Reducing Pile Fatigue, Increasing Design Options

Using our world class under-reaming drill bit technology and pile top drilling equipment, it is easy to reduce the amount of energy that is required to drive a pile to its target elevation.

LDD is the world leader in the design and engineering of under reaming technology. Our equipment has the ability to use under reamers when required and our in-house design capability can create bespoke solutions to support your project requirements.

Where pile fatigue is a concern, LDD will deploy a drill with or without under reamers, to drill through the harder geology to enable re-driving or grouting to take place to secure the pile in position. We have the ability to set the under reamers to open below the pile toe to any given diameter to reduce the amount of resistance on the driven pile.

Under-reaming can also be used to increase the structural efficiency of insert piles by forming grooves in the socket wall, thereby increasing the tensile capacity of the grouted pile/socket connection. There are a number of other applications where under-reaming technology can provide design and installation solutions to challenging seabed conditions. We are happy to work with clients to develop project specific solutions in this regard; please contact our team to discuss your needs.

Under-Reaming Equipment

Read more about the following drilling equipment; available with our under-reaming technology.